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Jiangyin City Xinshengtai Chemical Fiber Equipment Co.,Ltd

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Xinshengtai Chemical Fiber CenterDelicate, Meticulous, Specific



Xinshengtai Chemical Fiber

Xinshengtai Chemical Fiber

Xinshengtai Chemical Fiber

Xinshengtai Chemical Fiber

Than quality
Professional quality, trustworthy!

Committed to creating the domestic first-class brand, so that all the experience into the product development, technological innovation, process innovation to go. Product quality to be standard certification We are deeply cultivated in the field of chemical fiber equipment, with all the advantages and resources to provide the most professional chemical fiber equipment application solutions

Than service
Perfect after - sales service security system

Pre-sale: The service hotline has a professional staff for you to provide product guidance and recommendations
Sale: real-time order follow-up, the first time to contact you in time
Sale: customer service to you regular return visit , to provide intimate after-sales service

Than strength
The modernization of production, Supply abilities

Perfect production process, complete detection means, well-known enterprises in the domestic industry .We try to do beyond the customer's expectations, will be perfect quality, is usThe best commitment to the customer we do not do the flashy surface of the article, so that all the energy to voteInto product innovation and improvement. Continuous efforts to create tangible value for customers

Delicate, Meticulous, Specific

Introduction to Xinshengtai

Jiangyin Xinsheng Tai Chemical Fiber Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of chemical fiber equipment. I made the company set of complete sets of chemical fiber pipeline equipment, chemical polyester as raw material melt spinning and processing into the length of the short fiber. Mainly involved in the polyester raw materials are: polyester PET, polypropylene PP, nylon PA6 (PA66), polyethylene PE, and so on. I made the company's pip……

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