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Jiangyin Xinsheng Tai Chemical Fiber Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of chemical fiber equipment. I made the company set of complete sets of chemical fiber pipeline equipment, chemical polyester as raw material melt spinning and processing into the length of the short fiber. Mainly involved in the polyester raw materials are: polyester PET, polypropylene PP, nylon PA6 (PA66), polyethylene PE, and so on. I made the company's pipeline equipment, single-component raw materials, spinning, there are multi-component raw materials, composite spinning. Which is particularly rich in polyester staple fiber production line of the most abundant experience, I produced the polyester staple fiber line is divided into indirect screw spinning (bottle and bubble material waste spinning, slicing spinning) and melt direct spinning production line. Single polyester staple fiber production line of the annual production capacity of 3000-50000 tons. Specific polyester staple fiber varieties are: polyester colored silk, cotton type, wool type, medium long type, high strength and low stretch, coarse denier two-dimensional, three-dimensional hollow short fiber and differential polyester staple fiber (shaped cross-section of differentiated fiber and functional Differentiated fiber). Spinning production line specifications models are: φ180, φ200, φ220, φ240, φ260, φ280, φ328, φ358, φ380, φ410, and so on dozens of specifications polyester spinning and high pressure spinning machine. The post-processing equipment has the ordinary cotton type, the wool type, the middle length type production line, the three-dimensional hollow production line, the cotton type, the two-dimensional, the three-dimensional hollow, the high-strength low-stretch flexible production line; The I am in accordance with the company's individual requirements to provide engineering and technical services, according to the user's request to develop and design a variety of special specifications of the product, and to provide users with plant design, personnel training, equipment installation and commissioning services. Our company is committed to creating the domestic first-class brand, carefully cultivated in the field of chemical fiber equipment, always the interests of customers first, the integration of all the advantages of resources, to provide customers with the most professional chemical fiber equipment. We strive to exceed customer expectations, the quality will be perfect, to achieve the best customer commitment.