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Talking about fiber production machinery

Article source:XST Popularity:380Published time:2017-07-31

How will the fiber be produced by the machine? This is the product of the development of science and technology in recent decades. The use of cellulose fiber or the use of natural gas, acetylene gas as a raw material, through the chemical synthesis, mechanical spinning, drawing and produce artificial fiber or synthetic fiber, collectively referred to as chemical fiber. These fibers are by chemical, physical changes, produced by machinery and out. Chemical fiber production, and natural fiber production to keep pace with the development of the benefit of mankind.
   Technology development, textile raw materials, raw materials production and extends out, beyond the field of fiber production. The production of man-made fibers and synthetic fibers and raw materials for the production of raw materials, machinery, can be called fiber production machinery?
   The raw material for man-made fiber production is cotton pulp or wood pulp, cotton pulp, wood pulp production into pulp, a complete set of mainframe and auxiliary equipment. Pulp and then crushed, aging, yellowing, dissolving, filtering, spinning and post-treatment, the formation of man-made fiber filament or short wire, the entire production line from dozens of host and hundreds of auxiliary equipment and waste recycling , The use of complete sets of equipment and composition. Spinning different technology, different specifications, the choice of complete sets of equipment is also different. Short silk the entire production line of the annual production capacity of 10,000 tons, 30,000 tons, 45,000 tons. Rayon filament and semi-continuous spinning and continuous spinning. Different equipment selection is also different.
Synthetic fiber raw materials are mainly the use of natural gas, but also acetylene gas, after polymerization, decomposition, synthesis and produce, belonging to the chemical polymer disciplines.
Synthetic fiber raw materials are different from the production of synthetic fiber technology and equipment are different, the traditional vinylon and vinylon raw materials polyvinyl alcohol, the use of natural gas or acetylene gas through polymerization, alcoholysis, washing, dissolving, filtering, spinning, Stretch into filaments or short filaments. There are dozens of complete sets of equipment, auxiliary equipment from hundreds of composition.
The traditional, large-scale synthetic fiber polyester, nylon, polypropylene, spandex and acrylic fiber, the raw materials of these products, mostly from the downstream oil processing. With the development of science and technology, process changes, the connection process, and then produced a spinning and polyester production connection, polyester and upstream products with terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol production connection, the formation of a synthesis Fiber industry chain.
At present, terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol polymerization device has been fully achieved localization, and have a different process and a single line with an annual output of 200,000 tons, 300,000 tons and larger capacity scale, different processes production line.
Polyester raw materials are different, the use of different products, with the technical equipment is also different. There is through the esterification, polymerization to form fiber grade, as well as polymerization after the need for solid-phase viscosity, the formation of bottle-level, film-level products. Production of these products have to have complete sets of technical equipment.
Synthetic fiber raw materials, spinning process is different, single-line production capacity is not the same. Such as polyester staple fiber, single-track with an annual capacity of 10,000 tons, 30,000 tons, 50,000 tons, 60,000 tons, Germany and an annual output of 75,000 tons. Polyester filament spinning, winding speed, production capacity is also increasing rapidly. Nylon industrial silk, civilian silk, polypropylene civilian silk, carpet yarn single-line production capacity can be determined according to the size of the construction needs. Each product of the complete sets of products, engineering sets, the configuration of the technology and equipment have dozens of host a few dozens of auxiliary equipment from the match.
Synthetic fiber filament spinning after the need for post-processing, deep processing, including draft, plus bombs and multifilament yarn, the synthetic fiber to become the primary market products.
With the development of science and technology, from the polyester chips for melt-blown spinning into a network, spunbond spinning into a network of non-woven technology is increasingly mature and rapid development. There are waste polyester recycling. These are made by the domestic equipment to produce equipment. Polymer chemistry, tourism and high-end clothing, decorative high-tech fibers have come out, including the meta-spinning 1313, the bit of the textile 1414, the Department of Polymer Science and Technology, , Different grades of carbon fiber. There are many high-strength high-wear, high temperature, corrosion-resistant and flame-retardant high-performance fiber, and multi-component, composite, ultra-fine fiber and other differentiated fiber.