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Chemical fiber machinery and equipment to accelerate into new areas

Article source:XST Popularity:575Published time:2017-07-31

With the development of chemical fiber production to high-tech development, to meet their special requirements of the chemical fiber machinery is also accelerating the pace of development to new areas.
At present, the main research and development direction of the chemical fiber industry is that the production of chemical fiber products such as new fiber, high performance fiber, functional fiber, differentiated fiber and regenerated cellulose fiber satisfying the needs of production and life needs the corresponding mechanical equipment to meet the needs of production The
In addition, fiber spinning thinning, elongation of the technology and technology also made new requirements for chemical fiber machinery and equipment. Polyester spinning using the traditional spinning process to produce 3 denier ~ 5 denier coarse denier, single weight of raw materials spun yarn length of only 2.5 km; such as spinning 1 ~ 5 Dan fine denier, single The length of up to 10 km; the same process with a direct spinning up to 33 km; if the traditional spinning with the reduction of waste treatment of spinning fine filament, the length of up to 10 km; With mechanical stripping compound spinning into ultra-fine denier, single weight of raw materials, spinning length of up to 66 km; island composite spinning ultra-fine denier, single weight of fiber length up to 200 km. To meet these new functional fibers and new production technology needs of the technical equipment, is the current direction of China's chemical fiber machinery development.