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Polyester staple fiber equipment positioning modern service industry

Article source:XST Popularity:610Published time:2017-07-31

At present, the state in the emergency situation when the inflation rate is expected to strictly control, we expect inflation easing, the state relaxed administrative intervention, the supply and demand fundamentals tight cotton will continue to run high pattern.
Industry new capacity and production cycle situation. The industry is currently only Xia off environmental protection, Huaxi Village and a number of renewable small chemical fiber plant expansion plans, the remaining manufacturers no expansion plans. The main reason is the industry downturn so long so early spring, the industry is still hesitant, worried that the economy is just a flash in the pan. Expansion cycle divided into two kinds, one is from polyester to polyester staple fiber equipment as a whole supporting the construction, the cycle is about 1 year and a half; there is a kind of environmental protection as well as Huaxi Village and other polyester production capacity has the company, but the downstream polyester Staple fiber equipment expansion, the expansion of such companies to see the timing of equipment in place, from our previous research on the major domestic polyester staple fiber equipment manufacturers Zheng Textile Machinery was informed that the equipment delivery cycle is about 10-12 months.