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High - tech chemical fiber complete sets of equipment technology development

Article source:XST Popularity:532Published time:2017-07-31

In the face of the world's resource constraints, can take up the status of land plummeted, chemical fiber complete sets of equipment product research and development is facing how to improve equipment production efficiency, reduce equipment area, saving raw materials and energy consumption and other issues, chemical fiber production process to continuous Chemical fiber spinning, post-processing and other production equipment to a machine with a flexible, complex differentiation, intelligent digital control, equipment, unit structure, the use of chemical fiber, Modular development trend.
    High-tech fiber industrialization is a very difficult system engineering, is a multi-disciplinary, multi-disciplinary, multi-class talent integration and innovation of major projects, but also a national technical strength and scientific level of concentration embodied. Such fiber production indicators strict control, harsh production conditions, domestic equipment, materials, instrumentation and other issues difficult to solve, such as the production of high-performance carbon fiber high temperature materials and high temperature carbonization furnace, the production of paraquat 1414 required strong corrosion resistance, High-precision control of twin-screw polycondensation equipment and various types of precision control components are required to import, which seriously hampered the development of domestic high-tech fiber.