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2017 08-04
Warmly celebrate Jiangyin Xinsheng Tai Chemical Fiber Equipment Co., Ltd. website on-line

In order to meet the needs of the development of the company, establish a good image of the company to meet customers through the network to understand the company's products, understand the company's services, in August 1, 2017 the company's Web site finally on the line, which marks the Jiangyin Ci...

2017 08-04
High - tech chemical fiber complete sets of equipment technology development

In the face of the world's resource constraints, can take up the status of land plummeted, chemical fiber complete sets of equipment product research and development is facing how to improve equipment production efficiency, reduce equipment area, saving raw materials and energy consumption and other...

2017 08-04
Polyester staple fiber equipment positioning modern service industry

At present, the state in the emergency situation when the inflation rate is expected to strictly control, we expect inflation easing, the state relaxed administrative intervention, the supply and demand fundamentals tight cotton will continue to run high pattern. Industry capacity and production ca...

2017 08-04
Large-scale diversification of staple fiber equipment to achieve a breakthrough

With the continuous progress of science and technology, the end of the 20th century, the international polyester staple fiber production equipment, the rapid development of large-scale, Nissan 100 tons production line into a large number of construction. At the beginning of the 21st century, 150 ton...

2017 08-04
To achieve diversification of chemical fiber machinery and equipment varieties

China Textile Science Research Institute of chemical fiber complete sets of equipment production in recent years to meet the textile and industrial functional fiber demand and developed a compact, modular PP-CF spinning equipment. The equipment has a compact, modular tower built features, can be any...

2017 08-04
Chemical fiber machinery and equipment to accelerate into new areas

With the development of chemical fiber production to high-tech development, to meet their special requirements of the chemical fiber machinery is also accelerating the pace of development to new areas. At present, the chemical fiber industry's main research and development direction is:

2017 08-04
Chemical fiber equipment: the development of huge space

To the textile industry technological progress "ten new sets of key equipment technology research and industrialization" as the focus, development and production of new textile machinery products, the prospects are very broad. Because the "ten" package is a Gang, each one is a series of products, yo...