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Chemical fiber equipment: the development of huge space

Article source:XST Popularity:616Published time:2017-07-31
To the textile industry technological progress "ten new sets of key equipment technology research and industrialization" as the focus, development and production of new textile machinery products, the prospects are very broad. Because the "ten" package is a Gang, each one is a series of products, you can vertical increase, horizontal extension. Seize the "ten" sets of this outline, you can develop a lot of textile machinery products.
       Around the fiber production technology, the organization of the development and production of various fiber production machinery products, is an important task. Here the fiber production machinery, mainly refers to the chemical fiber production machinery. On the one hand need to continue to improve the quality of traditional chemical fiber production machinery products, improve the technical level and improve reliability; on the other hand to track the new fiber applications for the development of civilian comfort fiber, industrial fiber and military, police fiber The production of technical equipment.
       The traditional chemical fiber production is relatively fast, and the new chemical fiber production technology and equipment are lagging behind, so it is necessary to closely combine the functional, deformation, denatured fiber production, shaped, fine denier, ultrafine fiber production, Anti-infrared, anti-radiation and anti-bacterial, flame retardant and other new fiber production, combined with technology to develop the appropriate technical equipment. Technology, equipment, software and hardware development are complementary and inseparable.
       Non-woven industry is developing very rapidly, the field of machinery and equipment have a greater space for development; military, police fiber production in China is almost just beginning, special police, fire with high-grade protective fibers, fabrics are dependent on imports, Plate and Kevlar synthetic fiber made of bullet-proof vest, you can block the automatic weapons fired bullets, can block shells shrapnel, similar to these high-tech products need to develop the appropriate technology and equipment; chemical fiber production process of waste water , Waste gas, waste solution and additives need to take measures to be recycled, re-use, the same need for the corresponding equipment; In addition, the chemical fiber products side of the remaining material, waste silk and finished products after the recovery, use and regeneration, also Need to study new technology and equipment. With the increasing variety of chemical fiber varieties, the development of its natural equipment, there is a vast space!